T1 - Zelub : Through the Eyes of a Dreams


Artist: Zelub
Catalog ID: T1
Format: Mp3 and CD
Runtime: 60'06"
Date Released: July, 2007

Through the eyes of a dream, integrally composed and performed by Miguel Negrão, was recorded for two years in improvised studios around Portugal. The album could be divided in two groups: 6 tracks of shoegazed Rock with multiple layers of distorted and delay filled guitars until they become a continuous wall of sound breathing the rythmn of the bass and drums. The other 5 tracks are mostly improvised using almost unreckognisible guitar and bass sounds processed by computer (max/msp).I spite of this Rock/Drone duality all tracks come together to set the mood of this album.

The Rock tracks show influeces of the more experimental shoegazing of My Bloody Valentine and the intensity of Sonic Youth. The Drone tracks are similar in spirit to the minimalist works of La Monte young or Charlemagne Palestine with continuous sound forming simple harmonies. The use of Just Intonation contributes to a feeling of calmness and peace but at other times creates a deeply troubling mood.



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