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SuperCollider related:

  • ImmLib –  A SuperCollider library for immersive spatialization.
  • pfVisualizerHaskell app for opengl visualization of data via incoming osc messages
  • UEvNetMod – Interface between Unit Lib and FRP library from FPLib.
  • FPLib –  Functional programming, Monads, Functors, Applicative Functors, Option, IO, etc.
  • ScalaCollider Template App – ScalaColliderAppTemplate – template to make a ScalaCollider based OS X app, bundled with scsynth.
  • ScalaColliderZ – Added features for ScalaCollider based on the scalaz library.
  • DataFlowCollider – Akka’s dataflow variables + ScalaCollider.
  • ScalaMidiKtl – A set of classes for easy use of Midi controllers in scala.
  • Cluster – a library for addressing multiple supercollider servers at the same time.
  • SC-Wonder classes for interfacing between supercollider and the WONDER WFS system in Berlin.


  • tabletSliders – Android app with sliders that sends data as OSC.
  • audSpecPicker – parse and filter audacity spectrogram files.
  • srhack: change samplerate in header of wave file.

Contributed to:

  • Modality Toolkit
  • Unit Lib
  • VectorSpace – SuperCollider Quark – Classes for manipulation of vectors and vector valued functions, such as scalar fields and vector fields (with RedFrik).

Old Max/MSP stuff here.