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ZLB : I Was Vaguely Aware of Something

By admin

On 28, Oct 2012 | In | By admin

ZLB : I Was Vaguely Aware of Something


Album released by Friendly Virus Netlabel.

From the “liner” notes:

“I was vaguely aware of something” turns you into a spectator of your own inner being, lulling you along with incisive drones that cut through your conscience and force you to focus on yourself. this album is a big change for ZLB (formerly zelub), who, having paid due respect to personal shoegazer heroes in last year’s “through the eyes of a dream”, drops the almost fanboy attitude and presents us with a deep and complex part of his own personality. the end result is of a meditative nature with psychedelic undertones, a gentle calmness sometimes shadowed by the threat of anxiety, of being launched outwards. this is head music, for inner and outer journeys.

Available here: