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Subjective referral backwards in time

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On 04, Nov 2012 | No Comments | In | By admin

Subjective referral backwards in time


Wave Field Synthesis + 10 discrete channels + 4 subwoofers

In this piece one traverses, sometimes violently, layers of impossible synthetic worlds. Time is stretched and the sound looks for ways to fill the space. The sonic cocoon invites introspection and relaxed focus.

The sounds were generated in SuperCollider using Digital Waveguide Synthesis and were spatialized using Wave Field Syntheis according to an algorithm where each string was discretized into points which were placed along a line in space.  For more detail see my master thesis.

The piece was performed at my Sonology Final Exam  concert  in Den Haag in 2010 using the Game of Life Wave Field Synthesis system (192 speakers) + 10 normal PA speakers and 4 subwoofers. The 10 PA speakers were placed in the balconies and along side the the audience seating section.

The piece was latter adapted to be played just with the GOL WFS system and has been performed several times:

2010 – STRP Festival, Eindhoven.

2011 – Sonology Institut concert, Den Haag.

2012 – Sonar Festival, Barcelona.

2013 – Vertixe Vigo ’13, Vigo.

I have also performed an adapted live version of this piece in concerts using a stereo or 4 channel speaker system:

2011 – Madame Claude, Berlin.

2011 – Staalplat, Berlin.

2011 – General Public, Berlin.

2011 – Occultofest, Ausland, Berlin.

2011 – Wonderwerp concert series, Loos Foundation, Den Haag. An excerpt of this concert was released in a compilation of Wonderwerp performances by Audition Records.

stereo preview:

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